SCAPN NHLBI Symposium 8/18/21 from 2 to 5 PM EST

August 18, 2021 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Annual Sickle Cell Adult Provider Symposium, Bethesda, MD,

Chairs: Dr. Susanna Curtis, MD PhD and Dr. John Strouse MD PhD

Disease Modifying Therapy for Adults with Sickle Cell Disease: What and When to Choose?

0200-205: Welcome and Introduction - Susanna Curtis MD PhD

An Era of Multiple Therapuetics Montefiore Medical Center

Bronx NY

Best Practices in Current Therapeutic and Curative Options

0205-0225: Hydroxyurea as the Cornerstone of Therapy Sophie Lanzkron, MD

Johns Hopkins University,

Baltimore, MD

0230-0250: When to use Red Blood Cell Transfusions Ross Fasano, MD

Emory University

Atlanta, GA

255-0315: Who Should be Referred for Curative Therapy Emily Limerick, MD

National Institutes of Health

Baltimore, MD

Debates on New Therapeutic Agents: Which to use and When?


0320-0330: Pro L-Glutamine Claudia Morris, MD

Emory University

Atlanta, GA

0330-0340: Anti L-Glutamine Dr. Marquita Nelson, MD

University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Memphis, TN


0345-0355: Pro Voxelotor Modupe Idowu, MD

University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston,

Houston, TX

0355-0405: Anti Voxelotor Dr. Payal Desai, MD

Ohio State University,

Columbus, OH


0405-4:15: Pro Crizanlizumab Foluso Ogunsile, MD

University of Alabama at Birmingham,

Birmingham, AL

0415-0425: Anti Crizamlizumab Dr. John Strouse MD PhD

Duke University

Durham, NC

0430- 0500: Panel Discussion: All speakers Drs. Curtis, Lanzkron, Fasano, Limerick, Morris, Nelson, Idowu, Desai, Ogunsile, Strouse

Panel moderators Drs. Curtis and Strouse

Closing remarks / Evaluations

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