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Video Recording SCAPN Best of ASH SCD Abstracts

We had a great session (details below) yesterday afternoon. I wanted to thank our presenters and our audience for their excellent questions.

The link to the video, audio, and chat is 

Please click on the video file to watch and contact me at with any questions.

Agenda for the Symposium 


2:00 – 2:05          Welcome and Introduction to SCAPN and the Symposium                           JJ Strouse and Pat McGann

2:05 – 2:25          Health Outcomes & Quality Research Abstracts                                             Mariam Kale and Layla Van Doren

2:25 – 2:34          Questions                                                                                                               Mariam Kale, Layla Van Doren, and JJ Strouse (moderator)

2:34 – 2:54          Basic/Translational Research Abstracts                                                            Malgorzata Kasztan and Abdullah Kutlar

2:54 – 3:03          Questions                                                                                                               Malgorzata Kasztan, Abdullah Kutlar, and Pat McGann(moderator)

3:03 – 3:23          Clinical Trials & Research Abstracts                                                                   Srila Gopal and Modupe Idowu

3:23 – 3:32          Questions                                                                                                               Srila Gopal, Modupe Idowu, and Pat McGann (moderator)

3:32 – 3:52          BMT/Gene Therapy Abstracts                                                                            Akshay Sharma

3:52 – 4:00          Questions                                                                                                               Akshay Sharma and JJ Strouse (moderator)



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